Newton Cavity Drain System

001 waterproofing basement membrane basement tanking cellar belfast dublin cavity drain northern ireland NIThis basement waterproofing system is installed internally, and is suitable for both new build basements, and for retrofitting into existing basements.  The cavity drain basement waterproofing system is essentially a water management system, which assumes that no construction can be 100% watertight or defect free (as required by BS8102); this system manages any water that does seep through the structure, moving it away from the internal environment.  We at Stronghold Preservation provide an insurance backed guarantee for all basement waterproofing where we have provided the design detail, and installed the waterproofing system. 

Stronghold Preservation provides a design service in accordance with BS 8102:2009, which recommends that a specialist basement waterproofing contractor be included in the design team at an early stage in the design process.  From our experience, early inclusion in the design provides the most successful and cost effective conclusion; and is the most likely way for the client to achieve their goal without compromise.

Detailed Design; New Build and Existing Basements002 basement tanking basement waterproofing membrane cellar belfast dublin Northern Ireland NI copy

For new build basements, the retaining wall is constructed to the engineer's specifications, preferably from insitu concrete, which affords some barrier to water ingress.  However, the cavity drain system is suitable for any substrate, and any retaining wall, and is therefore suitable for retrofitting into any existing basement.

A drain is placed internally at the bottom of the retaining wall, and a dimpled basement waterproof membrane mechanically fixed to the retaining wall by special watertight plugs.  Any water which does seep through the retaining wall becomes depressurised, and drips down into the drain, between the retaining wall and the waterproof membrane.  The water is removed from the building via a sump and a pump, or naturally via an open elevation, into the storm drainage.

Insulation, and either a block skin wall, or timber stud wall can then be constructed in front of the basement waterproof membrane, and finished as per specification.

If a pump is required, it is sized, and located where it is easily serviced, within the basement.  An electronic early warning system, including SMS texting service, can be set up to warn of any problems with the pump system.

Stronghold Preservation is a member of the British Structural Waterproofing Association, and a registered installer for the Newton Cavity Drain.

For existing damp basements, our knowledgeable surveyors can carry out a detailed survey and provide a comprehensive written report, advising on the best solution.
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