Jury's Inn, Liverpool

Liverpool, England, UK
This modern hotel, situated in the popular Albert Dock area of Liverpool, is a framed building partially clad with a red sandstone. Unfortunately, the sandstone cladding seems to be failing, delaminating from the structure, and posing a safety hazard to the public below. The architects and engineers are currently monitoring the structural stability and integrity of the sandstone, but required a short term, quick-fix solution to the public hazard issue of falling masonry. Stronghold Preservation was contacted, and it was decided that a fine mesh masonry netting should be fixed to the entire stone clad area to maintain some degree of stability for the cladding, and to prevent masonry falling onto the public.

Further Information

Due to the height of the building, and costs, it was decided that the best way to fix the masonry netting was by means of Stronghold Preservation's dedicated IRATA trained rope access team (abseiling).