Underpinning - Helical Shire Piles

Here at Stronghold Preservation, we have a range of options open to us when considering the repair of subsidence issues and cracks; or underpinning.  One modern system is Helical Shire Piles.  These mini piles are designed to work with the existing structure, to provide full or partial support.

Installation is typically less invasive than traditional underpinning methods: small areas are excavated along the affected foundation wall, to foundation depth.  The helical shire piles are then installed, at centres dictated by Stronghold Preservation, using an adapted pneumatic driving hammer, to a firm strata.  This allows for installation in confined spaces - even allowing for internal underpinning, if deemed necessary. The mini piles are then tied into the existing foundations, and external finishes made good.  Compact pile caps remove the need for time consuming and expensive mass excavation, keeping inconvenience to an absolute minimum. The mini piles and pile stabilizerscan generally be used to depths of approximately 10m (greater depths are achievable in certain conditions). The supports will carry loads from 30kN to 100kN dependent on ground conditions.

Supports can be fitted with jacking plates to enable the lifting of light structures such as conservatories, porches and garages that are supported on shallow foundations. This often removes the need for disruptive and costly rebuilding.

The obvious signs of subsidence and settlement are cracks in the walls; repair of any associated cracks may be necessary by either crack stitching methods, or Cintec cementitious anchors.