Before our surveyor visits your property, he will phone to arrange a suitable time, and to discuss the problems you have been experiencing.  He will also discuss the extent of the survey, and if there are any works you should carry out prior to the survey taking place (for example, it is sometimes preferable that fitted carpets are lifted to enable a full survey to be carried out).  Our surveyor should also be able to discuss and explain the remedial options required.

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Damp & Timber Problems

After a visual inspection of the exterior of the property, our surveyor will carry out an internal inspection, and is likely to use a damp meter reader to ascertain if your property has damp.  A visual inspection of the timbers is generally sufficient to establish if there are dry rot or woodworm problems in your property.  However, the full extent may not be known until remedial works have started, and the building is opened up.  Our surveyor will inform you if he has not been able to inspect all areas of concern. 

Cavity Wall Tie Survey

Our surveyor will carry out a visual inspection of your property to assess if there are any cracking, bulging or leaning walls, all of which are symptomatic of wall tie erosion.  Our surveyor will also drill small holes into the cavity wall, and look into the cavity using an endoscope, to view the condition of the cavity wall ties.  This may be carried out in various locations to fully establish the extent of the problem.  It may also be necessary to remove a sample of bricks for a physical inspection of the wall ties.

Damp and Leaking Basements & Cellars

An exterior survey is carried out to enable the surveyor to inspect the ground levels and conditions, prior to an internal assessment being carried out.  Internally, our surveyor will use a damp meter reader to establish that the walls are damp.  Where the basement has previously been dry (ie it appears that the existing basement waterproofing has failed), then our surveyor will probably want to establish the cause of the leak; this may require some opening up of the building or the use of a thermal imaging camera.

We provide a comprehensive written report and quotation, detailing the proposed remedial works, for all surveys carried out.