Positive Air Ventilation

Positive Air Ventilation units are used when condensation is a problem within your house; whether this is excessive moisture on windows, or black mould growths on walls and ceilings.  It is important to contact a specialist damp proofing company like Stronghold to firstly ensure that the problem is condensation; if the problem is rising damp or penetrating damp then a different solution will be required, generally a damp proof course or membrane.

However, to eliminate condensation, a Positive Input Ventilation Unit installed in the roofspace will work by gently supplying tempered, filtered air into a home using otherwise unused heat within the roof.  This works by increasing ventilation levels, circulating air, and increasing heat within the house; thereby reducing the levels of moisture in the house, and reducing the level of moisture condensing into water droplets.

The ventilation units are fitted in the roof space, have a quiet motor, and have low running costs.