At Stronghold Preservation, we are often asked for a pre-purchase survey, usually because the mortgage company has identified an issue of possible concern.

Once requested, we will carry out a full specialist survey, based on the issues raised, and produce a comprehensive written report outlining any issues that have arisen, and any remedial works required.  A quotation will also be provided.

Damp and Timber Survey

Our experienced surveyor will carry out a general external inspection of the property, identifying any areas that may cause damp or wood rot (missing slates, high ground level, etc).

Internally, our surveyor may need to look at the timbers in the roofspace and floor joists, where timbers could be at risk of woodworm or wet or dry rot.  Internal walls, where necessary, may be checked for signs of damp - both visually and with a damp meter.

Cavity Wall Tie Inspection Survey

If it is suspected that the wall ties in the property are corroding or failing, our surveyor will have to carry out a fairly detailed survey to establish the state of the ties.

Initially, our surveyor will carry out a general, visual, survey externally.  If there are concerns, then small holes will be drilled, and an endoscope used to look into the cavity at the wall ties.  Occasionally, our surveyor may also want to remove some bricks to get a closer look at the wall ties.  A full written survey, with recommendations, will be issued.  A detailed quotation will also be provided.