42 O Connell St, Dublin

Dublin, Ireland
No 42 O Connell Street, Dublin, is the oldest building currently standing on Dublin's infamous street. Extensive cracks in the walls of the building were evident,caused by a combination of shelling during the 1916 rebellion, thermal cracks at chimney flues,delamination of the facade and inadequate lateral restraints. A combination of stitching systems for the structural repairs were proposed: Cintec anchors and Helifix crack stitching bars.

Further Information

A series of Helifix crack stitching bars and Cintec anchors, were specified to stitch the cracks and reinstate the structural integrity of the masonry at corners and at abutting walls. Cintec ties were also required to connect the external walls to the party walls, along with de-lamination Helifix ties to the front & rear facade. Stronghold Preservation carried out the structural stabilisation of No 42 within a short contract of 4 weeks, while the neighbouring 1960's hotel was being demolished. The contract was supervised by Dublin City Council and was held to exacting conservation standards to ensure that the integrity of original features were maintained.

Stronghold Preservation are approved installers of Cintec anchors in Ireland.