001 stepped crack in brickwork settlement movement subsidence underpinning belfast dublin armagh northern ireland NIAs structural repair specialists, our experienced surveyors are adept at identifying the cause of cracks, and providing the best solution for your needs.  We will take into consideration the problem, costs, underlying conditions, and any preferences you may have: our preference is to achieve a stress free cost effective solution to your problem.

The obvious signs of subsidence and settlement are cracks in the walls; once the subsidence has been remedied, the repair of any associated cracks may be necessary by either crack stitching methods, or Cintec socked anchors.  However, cracks in masonry walls can be as a result of movement other than subsidence: it is therefore imperative that a knowledgable surveyor is instructed to carry out a detailed survey.

Underpinning - Helical Shire Piles

Here at Stronghold Preservation, we prefer to use modern methods of underpinning, and use helical shire piles to repair subsidence issues and cracks.  The mini piles are designed to work with the existing structure, to provide full or partial support.