001 Woodworm in timber boron insecticide belfast co armagh down antrim fermanagh derry tyrone northern ireland NI p-r copyThe Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium Punctatum) is generally responsible for all woodworm damage in Ireland: Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland, with the woodworm larvae having a life cycle of 3 -5 years. The adult only lives for a short period of time and cuts the hole you see in order to exit and find a mate. The woodworm eggs are then laid onto the timber surface or in old holes; the baby grubs bore back in and the cycle is repeated. During certain months of the year the adult beetles can fly, hence spreading the damage.  

Identifying Woodworm

The obvious sign of woodworm is little holes and tunnels (1.5-2mm wide) dotted around timber furniture or joists.  Often, however, old flight holes are confused for active woodworm.  Active holes are ones where you can see fresh bright wood dust, and fresh bright holes. A proper survey is essential before treatment to ensure it is active woodworm.

Woodworm Treatment

We at Stronghold Preservation will firstly carry out a full survey to identify the woodworm, then produce a written survey and quotation.  We provide an insurance backed guarantee scheme for all remedial woodworm works carried out.

Surface timber treatment alone is sufficient to kill the Common Furniture Beetle (woodworm). We use low odour, water-based insecticide treatments to eradicate woodworm, which means that occupants can return within a 1 hour period.