Penetrating Damp

penetrating damp newlath northern ireland NI p-rPenetrating damp is normally identified by damp patches or watermarks with staining on ceilings / walls or chimney breasts, often more visible after heavy rain. The unsightly damp patches do not normally have black mould growth. It is important to identify and eradicate the problem, as small damp problems can lead to other complications: wet rot and dry rot within timbers, damp plaster, increased heat loss, musty smells, etc.  

Causes of Penetrating Damp001 penetrating damp stain window lintel failure crack in wall co antrim belfast armagh northern ireland NI

Penetrating damp, quite simply, is caused by water ingress and seepage from an external source through the external masonry, generally due to faulty detailing or poor maintenance. It can be hard to identify the exact cause of water ingress and often there can be several causes. Penetrating damp can be caused by, for example: inadequate lead trays and flashings; deteriorated pointing; missing tiles, cracks in walls or damaged felt on roofs.

Penetrating damp is often treated by identifying and fixing the source of the water ingress (ie mending lead valleys); however, on occasion, a specialist solution, like Newlath Damp Proof Membrane is required.  Our knwoledgeable surveyors can carry out a survey to assess the problem, and provide a solution, along with a quotation, where necessary.  We provide an insurance backed guarantee for all remedial damp works carried out.