Leak Sealing

Waterproof concrete walls, like any basement waterproofing system, can leak.  Typically, these systems fail due to: defective detailing or workmanship at kicker joints; settlement or drying out cracks allowing water to penetrate through the retaining wall; and ingress of water through and around service ducts

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To try and prevent these problems, and damp occuring, a number of details are often observed during the construction process.  Additional mesh or reinforcing bars are added to prevent cracking; as even small hairline cracks can result in fairly substantial water leaks and damp.  Waterstops in the kicker joints are used, which swell on contact with water, thereby preventing water penetrating through the joints.

However, even with these additional measures, waterproof concrete can fail: natural settlement and drying out cracks still happen, service ducts leak, and kicker joint detailing is defective; all resulting in unacceptable damp basements.

When basements leak, Stronghold Preservation have the option of sealing these leaks by using a resin crack injection system.  Holes are drilled around the cracks, as it is impossible to know the size and direction of the crack once it disappears behind the external surface.  The resin is then pumped in, until the resin fills the crack, stopping the water flowing.  Our operatives are trained to know how much resin, where best to drill, and when the leak is sealed.

This leak sealing method is often used in underground carparks, basement plant rooms, lift pit leaks, and where service ducts enter through the retaining wall.