Station House, Magilligan,Co. Derry

Magilligan, Co. Londonderry, NI
Stronghold Preservation were contacted when the dwelling was found to have a bowing and bulging wall. A visual inspection confirmed that one wall was bowing outwards by at least 70mm. The movement of the brickwork outer leaf was creating a tapering open joint at most of the windows. Cracking also occurred along the masonry joints. On removal of a few bricks, it was found that the cavity wall ties were heavily corroded, pushing the masonry wall out. It was also found that the number of cavity wall ties was less than that required by today's standards.

Further Information

It was decided that the existing wall ties should be replaced with new stainless steel helical wall ties, and the existing ties removed to prevent further corrosion and leaning. Self tapping helical stainless steel replacement wall ties were effectively screwed into place in pre-drilled 7mm holes. The existing wall ties were removed, and the bricks re-pointed using naturally pigmented mortar to try and conceal the remedial works in this heritage building.

This former railway halt and station masters house is a grade B2 listed building, now converted into a dwelling. The building was constructed in 1873 from clay brick; some of which is solid brick wall; other parts a cavity brick wall.