Private dwelling, Ballykelly

Ballykelly, Co. Londonderry, NI
Stronghold Preservation were contacted by a structural engineer to provide a quotation, and further to carry out the works, for a house which was experiencing cracks in the walls, believed to be because of subsidence. The structural engineer had already carried out investigations to determine ground conditions; the original property had been founded on firm to stiff silt, however, a later rear extension was built on made ground strata. Stronghold Preservation carried out the remedial works to the rear extension by way of Helical Shire piles. These piles transfer the loads from inadequate founding material to a firm bearing stratum below.

Further Information

Initially, Stronghold Preservation excavated a 600mm wide trench to the affected area, before installing 42 shire piles complete with foundation connection, and made good the trench and soil finishes. A 15mm crack in the wall, caused by the subsidence, was also repaired using a Helical crack stitching technique.