The Ulster Hall, Belfast

Belfast, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
The rear elevation of the Ulster Hall suffered from historic cracking due to settlement in poor foundations, which was exacerbated by adjacent piling. As a result a 60mm wide crack opened at the top of the brick wall and continued to the ground floor level, along with several smaller cracks. Stronghold Preservation were asked by the Structural Engineer for a proposal to repair the crack and reinstate the original integrity of the wall: Helical crack stitching bars were deemed to be the best option in this case.

Further Information

Due to the thickness of the walls, which were 750mm thick, Thor helical crack stitching bars were proposed at 225mm centres extending at least 750mm beyond the end of the cracks Over 200m of bed joints were cut out and Thor helical bar grouted into the wall by UDPG. The crack was grouted to fill the void and provide structural integrity.

The Ulster Hall is a Grade B1 listed building in the city centre of Belfast. It is used as a concert hall, and dates to the 1850's.