Dentists Surgery, Kells, Ballymena

Kells, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, NI
This newly constructed surgery was only several days from handover, when Stronghold Preservation was contacted. The new building was suffering from unexpected water ingress and damp in the basement. External water was rising above the top of the basement waterproofing in the plant room; through the service ducts, and by capillary action between the external surface of the ducts and the retaining wall; and also at joints and cracks in the lift pit walls. Stronghold Preservation were asked to carry out, at short notice, repairs to prevent further water ingress. Stronghold Preservation suggested using 2 different types of leak sealing systems in order to effectively seal the leaks: resin crack injection, and a service duct injection system.

Further Information

The leaks in the basement and on the outside of the ducts were successfully sealed by injecting specialist resins with a high elasticity into the cracks, preventing further water seepage. These resins work in a wide range of temperatures, meaning there is a lower risk of the crack re-opening. Resin crack injection can be used to seal cracks as thin as 0.1mm thick, and can also be used to structurally repair cracks in walls/floors, even sealing cracks to stop water flow under pressure. Water ingress from the service ducts themselves was stopped using a product specifically intended to expand and adhere to pipes and ducts, to stop water ingress.