South Eastern Regional College, Downpatrick, Co. Down

Downpatrick, Co. Down, NI
A major overhaul of the higher and further education campuses saw 3 new buildings being constructed; Stronghold Preservation were contacted regarding the building in Downpatrick which was to have a basement plant room. Complications such as a very high water table and the structure being a contiguous piled wall meant that external basement waterproofing systems were not suitable. Internal basement waterproofing using bonded sheet membranes or similar would have been ineffective, therefore Stronghold Preservation suggested an internal cavity drain basement waterproofing system.

Further Information

Due to the high volumes of water involved and the consequences of the basement flooding, it was proposed to create two sumps, each with two high capacity pumps. Electronic control panels for each pair of pumps were installed to control, monitor and manage the pumps. The pumping system provided extra levels of protection, with a battery operated backup system in the event of mains electricity failure and a high water alarm to alert maintenance staff. Additionally the control panel can incorporate SMS alerts to high water levels or pump failure.

Stronghold Preservation are approved installers of Newton Cavity Drain Basement Waterproofing System.