Truss repair, Greenore, Co. Louth

The Old Cooperative Building, Greenore, Co. Louth
Stronghold Preservation tendered to carry out specialist joinery works to a decayed timber truss in the Old Co-operative Building, Greenore, Co. Louth, which needed repaired. The lower chord of the truss was suffering from wet rot, and needed replaced. Stronghold Preservation achieved this by splicing and bonding a new portion of timber onto the existing truss.

Further Information

Truss Repair - Timber Resin Splice

Firstly, Stronghold Preservation removed the rotten portion of timber and a new portion of reclaimed pitch pine was cut to suit.  Horizontal slots were formed in the existing and new timbers. Steel bars were inserted into the slots and bonded to the timbers using a resin adhesive.  This formed a seamless and barely noticeable joint between the new and existing timbers.  This work was all carried out with the truss insitu.