Ballymena Town Hall, Ballymena

Ballymena, Co. Antrim, NI
This Grade B1 listed historic building was undergoing a major restoration and extension, to incorporate a new Arts Centre. Stronghold Preservation carried out a survey and found signs of woodworm and wood rot; the most significant being wet rot to the flagpole, just above the domed copper roof.

Further Information

Wood Rot
Traditional remedial methods would have necessitated an expensive removal and renewal of the curved copper roof, in order to remove and replace the wood affected by the wet rot.

Timber Resin Spice
Stronghold Preservation removed the timbers affected by the wet rot, prior to carrying out a timber resin splice repair to the flagpole using an epoxy resin and reinforcing bar hidden within the timbers, and a bolted/resin adhesive half lap at the other end. The result was a simple, structurally verified repair that was cost effective and saved the original detail and expensive copper on the flagpole.

Woodworm was also eradicated throughout the building by Stronghold Preservation, using a woodworm insecticide treatment.