Austins Department Store, Derry

Londonderry, NI
Cracks in the masonry were appearing in this historic department store, with the decorative capitals beginning to crack and separate from the main building. Deterioration of the plaster and masonry meant that small sections were becoming loose and falling, becoming a hazard to the public. Stronghold Preservation tied the capitals back to the main structure using Cintec anchors, and smaller sections were stitched back using Thor helical crack stitching ties.

Further Information

As there were still small loose decorative plaster elements on the building, Stronghold Preservation designed and installed a masonry netting system: discreet fine mesh was fitted to the building to prevent injury to the public from the falling masonry.

Stronghold Preservation is an approved installer of Cintec anchors in Northern Ireland.

Austins Department store, a Grade B1 listed building is the oldest department store in the world, having been in operation since 1830; 15 years older than Harrods of London and 25 years older than Macy's of New York.