The Luas Line, Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland
The LUAS, Dublins light rail above ground transit system, was opened in 2004, linking suburban Dublin to the inner city. The LUAS travels through many historic parts of the city, and it is because of this that Stronghold Preservation became involved. The LUAS requires electrical cables in order for the trams to work. These cables are fixed to the buildings along the LUAS line; however the structural engineer had concerns about using a standard fixing to many of the historic buildings, some of which were constructed from clay, brick, stone and lime mortar, and in less than desirable condition. Stronghold Preservation provided advice on the installation and design of the fixings and subsequently installed Cintec anchors to a variety of buildings on the LUAS line to hold the electrical cables for the tram.

Further Information

Stronghold Preservation are approved installers of Cintec anchors.

The LUAS line passes through and past some of Dublin's finest and historical buildings; it was because of Stronghold's reputation and experience in working with important and historical buildings, especially within the structural repairs, that they were fortunate to become involved in this important infrastructure project.