Private dwelling, Kilrea, Co. Derry

Kilrea, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland
This large, roadside, 3 and a half storey dwelling is constructed from stone and brick. The basement is approximately 2.5metres below road level. The site is sloping, therefore there is adequate drainage to the rear of the building. The basement was found to be damp, and unsuitable for the intended use; the owner requested that Stronghold Preservation suggest a solution to waterproof the cellar during renovations of the dwelling.

Further Information

Stronghold Preservation suggested installing an internal cavity drain basement waterproofing system, which will provide a dry internal solution, whilst managing the water ingress. A dimpled basement waterproof membrane was fitted to all retaining basement walls, and a perimeter drainage channel, linked to a drainage point, was installed. The drainage channel removed any water seeping through the existing fabric, and the waterproof membrane prevented any damp penetrating into the internal basement. A damp proof membrane was also installed in the floor. Internal, non-retaining walls, affected by rising damp, were damp proofed using a Newton Newlath damp proof membrane.

Stronghold Preservation are approved installers of Newtons Cavity Drain Basement Waterproofing System.