Retail Unit, Holywood Rd, Belfast

Belfast, Co. Antrim, NI
Stronghold Preservation were contacted to inspect this 3 storey mid-terrace building to ascertain the reasons for the myriad of structural cracks in the masonry walls, and any remedial works required. A visual inspection of the property was carried out, where it was found that the cracks were more prominent at first and second floor. Vertical cracks, 5-10mm in width, were apparent between the front wall and the perpendicular party walls; there was bowing of the second floor joists; and cracks above a window to the rear. The pattern of cracking suggested to Stronghold Preservation that there was insufficient lateral restraint between the front wall and internal walls and floors. The cracking above the rear window seemed to have been because of a failed lintel, which seemed to have been replaced.

Further Information

Stronghold Preservation designed and installed a series of helical crack stitching bars in the front wall to repair the structural cracks, and reinstate the structural integrity of the property.

Lateral restraint ties were also installed to prevent further structural movement of the front wall. The cracks above the lintel were also repaired using helical crack stitching bars. It was also suggested that the rainwater gutter system be repaired as necessary, as the missing rainwater goods were causing penetrating damp.