Malahide Castle, Co. Dublin

Malahide, Co. Dublin, Ireland
The solid stone, vaulted, arched floor in the Barbican Tower was failing, and liable to collapse. Cracks in the walls were also starting to appear. Stronghold Preservation were employed to repair the cracks and stabilise the towers; we suggested and designed a series of Cintec Anchors, which could be diamond drilled (for the much needed accuracy), and would have minimal aesthetic visibility once finished.

Further Information

Structural Repairs
It was agreed that a series of 7metre long Cintec Anchors, drilled from the ends of the tower into the floor, were required to stabilise the building; diamond core drilling was required to do this as precision of the drilling was of utmost importance. The narrowest point of the vaulted floor is 250mm thick; it was at this point that two 50mm diameter drill holes had to cross over; therefore the margin of error was slight. Once the holes were drilled, the Cintec anchors were installed, and grout pumped into each. The front 25mm section from each core drilling was retained, so that it could be re-grouted in place to create a more pleasing aesthetic and heritage finish, reducing the visual impact of the remedial works.

Stronghold Preservation are approved installers of Cintec anchors in Ireland.

The Barbican Tower is a two storey folly set within the walled garden, within Malahide Castle grounds.  The castle and grounds originates from the 12th Century, and are now state owned.