Rathgael House, Bangor, Co. Down

Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
Stronghold Preservation was contacted to inspect 2 no. reinforced concrete lift pits, which were both suffering from damp and water leakage. It was found that the kicker joints in both lift pits were leaking. Stronghold Preservation suggested that a concrete crack resin injection system be used to reinstate the basement waterproofing; a resin was injected under pressure into the walls and floor, to effectively seal the joints, and prevent water seepage.

Further Information

Holes were drilled adjacent to the cracks, and injection packers placed, so that the packers would intersect the mid-point of the crack. The drill holes were flushed out with air to remove dust, and the resin injected in. Our operatives knew that enough resin had been injected when the resin flow was continuous, with no air bubbles. The procedure was carried out at weekends, to prevent disturbance to the staff in the building, and was successfully completed within 5 days.