New House Basement Waterproofing at Rutland Island

Burtonpoint, Co. Donegal, Ireland
Stronghold Preservation designed and specified a Cavity Drain Basement Waterproofing system for this new build basement & dwelling, built on Rutland Island, Donegal. The engineer specified that the retaining walls should be built as a cavity wall, from blockwork construction. The basement is to be used as a habitable room, is ground retaining on 3-4 sides, and therefore needs to be constructed to a Grade 3 environment, as stipulated by BS8102. This requires that the internal environment of the basement / cellar is dry, with consideration given to control humidity (as specified by the architect).

Further Information

Stronghold Preservation installed the Newton Cavity Drain system: the basement waterproofing membrane was fixed to walls with fixing plugs, the basedrain inserted with inspection ports for maintenance, and a waterproof floor membrane installed.  A 10 year insurance backed guarantee was provided.

Stronghold Preservation are approved installers of Newtons Cavity Drain Basement Waterproofing System.