Dry Rot Survey & Treatment, Armagh

Tower Shiels, Armagh, Co. Armagh, NI
Stronghold Preservation were requested to carry out a comprehensive survey of this terrace of listed period houses in Armagh; all of the houses are 1.5 storey high, and constructed from stone. The houses appeared to be suffering from a dry rot infestation; Stronghold Preservation had to identify the rot, the cause of the rot (ie what is causing the damp), treat the damp, and treat the dry rot.

Further Information

Dry Rot Treatment

The properties had undergone major renovation in recent years, however, it had been decided, due to financial and conservation reasons (COSHH regulations), that the use of chemicals was to be restricted.  Unfortunately, new dry rot outbreaks occurred. 

To treat the dry rot, and eradicate any further dry rot, the source of damp needs to be established & remedial works undertaken, as well as a cordon sanitaire around the infected areas.  Stronghold Preservation removed all timbers in the vicinity; the existing, unaffetced timbers, were thoroughly treated and protected, and refitted.  Any timber infected with dry rot was disposed.

A damp proof course was fitted in localised areas to try and keep costs, and chemicals, to a minimum: to treat any rising damp, and prevent further outbreaks of dry rot.