Queens University, Belfast

Belfast, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
In 2005, it was noticed that a brick arch in the iconic Lanyon building was failing and cracks were appearing; Stronghold Preservation were contacted to provide a discreet solution to the problem, repairing the failing arch. Stronghold Preservation decided that a combination of Cintec Anchors and crack stitching bars would be the most discreet and successful solution for this project.

Further Information

It was decided that 3m long Cintec anchors should be installed across the crack at an inclined angle to stitch the crack and restore the stability of the arch. Cintec anchors were particularly suitable in this case, due to the historical and aesthetic nature of the building: the finished installation of Cintec anchors is discreet, creating an inconspicuous finish.

Stronghold Preservation are approved installers of Cintec anchors.

At a different arch, the brick arch was repaired using a crack stitching solution.  As can be seen in the photograph, 2 No. crack stitching bars were installed along the brick coursing, reinstating the structural integrity of the arch; again, a subtle, unobtrusive finish.

The historical Lanyon Building was designed by architect Charles Lanyon in 1849 in the Gothic Revival style. The building is a Grade A listed building.