The People's Church, Falkirk

Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Stronghold Preservation were contacted to provide a quotation for the works at this Church in Stirlingshire, when severe wet rot was found to be affecting the roof trusses. Various contractors had been contacted prior to Stronghold; however, the contractors had suggested traditional means of repair, and were subsequently providing uncompetitive and unfeasible quotations. The roof trusses were affected by wet rot at the bearing ends, and required extensive repairs. As a result of the wood rot, the trusses had slipped forward and dropped; the trusses would need to be propped and jacked up again into position. Stronghold Preservation suggested using a timber resin splice technique, which would result in a less intrusive repair than using traditional steel plates; the existing ceiling could remain untouched whilst repairs were carried out on the trusses. The portions of timber affected by the wet rot were cut out, and the trusses were spliced onto new timbers using reinforcing bars and epoxy resin, whilst lifting and pulling the trusses back into position using an hydraulic ram.

Further Information

The timber splicing repairs resulted in a significant cost saving in comparison to traditional repairs; saving costs on ceiling repairs, access to the trusses and lifting costs for large steel plates.